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BBQ Party at Home Ideas Expert Tips
BBQ Party at Home Ideas Expert Tips


A barbecue party is a great way to spend time with friends and maybe celebrate a Special Occasion like a Birthday. You get to relax, enjoy delicious food, listen to music and catch up with everyone while having an exotic drink you’ve never had before. What’s not to like?

So how do you organize a barbecue? People have different dietary preferences. Not everyone is a meat lover, so is there anything in the menu for your vegetarian friends? You want to make this a fun gathering for everyone. BBQ Party at Home Ideas Expert Tips

No need to stress yourself. Things will go smoothly if you follow some simple recommendations on how to organize a lovely barbecue party. We reached out to 12 Chefs and asked them for their tips along with us at Window One Events of coarse.


A Home BBQ is an easy feat to conquer, from food to drinks and decorations. I swear it is one of the easiest ways to entertain. You just need a few items to create the ambiance for your guests.

Start with the food, a menu full of whole real foods, that make people feel good about eating them.

My go-to Clean Entertaining Menu: BBQ Party at Home Ideas Expert Tips

The trick is to have enough salad, slaw, and veggies to satisfy your non-meat eaters, plus not making everything so fussy. BBQ Party at Home Ideas Expert Tips

People love an Event run experience.

Now decorations, that comes down to your serving pieces. Plating veggies on a three-tiered cake plate is great for height and interest. A big aluminum ice bucket for soda, beer, and carafes of cocktails.

A red checked plastic tablecloth always brings back childhood memories for me. You don’t need to fill the space, look for pieces that evoke a feeling. Relax, have fun and remember its only food, what’s the worst that can happen, the dog eats everything, and you order salads and pizza?

Drinks, well, of course, you need a Clean Cocktail, specifically a Margarita you can enjoy without all the sugar. Try this Cucumber Marg: BBQ Party at Home Ideas Expert Tips

Coconut Cucumber Margarita

1 ½ cups of tequila
½ cup coconut syrup
½ cup lemon juice, fresh squeezed
½ cup lime juice, fresh squeezed
2 cups cucumber puree
6 limes, wedges for salt rim and garnish

Pour a generous amount of salt on a plate that is bigger than your glasses. Rim 6 glasses with a lime wedge and dredge in the salt, set aside. BBQ Party at Home Ideas Expert Tips

In a pitcher combine, cucumber puree, tequila, lemon, lime and coconut syrup. Stir well, then set next to rimmed glasses and an ice filled bucket. Then let your guests pour themselves. Enjoy!

I LOVE cooking and hosting gatherings. To set the mood, we would have string lights over the patio/grill area. Little mason jars of wildflower arrangements on the tables. Mexican blankets on the grass so people can lay out by the hammock and enjoy a picnic vibe. Reggae would be playing in the background.

The menu would be heavily filled with lots of vegetables balanced by protein from local farmers and a melted bowl of provoleta cheese to dip a toasted baguette in. The veggie selection would include grilled radicchio, asparagus, fennel, and whole carrots. BBQ Party at Home Ideas Expert Tips

All of the vegetables would be lightly drizzled with olive oil and salt and pepper. The carrots would have turmeric and garlic powder on them and grilled whole so that people can enjoy them like a “steak.”. The grilled radicchio would be topped with drizzled pesto and the fennel would have shaved Parmigiano on top. The asparagus would be served simple grilled.

For the meat, there would be a selection of sausages: pork, chicken, spicy and herbed accompanied with a chimichurri sauce. People can turn these into “churi pans” which means sausage sandwiches with the baguette, provoleta cheese, and chimichurri sauce. We would also grill some marinated skirt skate so everyone could enjoy a few bites. BBQ Party at Home Ideas Expert Tips

For drinks, there would be red wine (preferably a Malbec or Cabernet Sauvignon). There would also be the classic Argentine drink of Fernet mixed with Coca Cola over ice.

The whole idea of this Asado is to not only fill your bellies but fill your heart and soul with connection and meaningful friend conversation.

BBQ Party at Home Ideas Expert Tips
BBQ Party at Home Ideas Expert Tips

In a rush to host a BBQ party tomorrow, I’d create a meat- and dairy-free menu fit for foodies. The menu would include plantain potato salad, jackfruit BBQ sliders with southern coleslaw, mac and cheese, grilled veggie kebabs with Korean-inspired spicy pear sauce, grilled corn, grilled green beans and a host of chips, crudites, and dips.

To quench our thirst, I’d have a few cases of beer, a couple of bottles of wine, and a signature watermelon sangria. BBQ Party at Home Ideas Expert Tips

Decorations? Let’s keep it simple, as no one likes a big clean-up job after a party. That said, I’d let the food create the decor.

I’d serve the sangria from the watermelon using disposable spouts. The kebabs and sliders can be placed on two unused tabletop mini grills. That leaves the green beans which would be housed in a beautiful serving. And the mac and cheese would be placed in mini mason jars.

Chips and dip? We’ve got serving trays for you two. And the corn we’d poke with sticks and sit upright in a bucket being held down with rocks. Throw in a vase of flowers and a game of cornhole, and it’s a party.

Simple and to the point. For foods for grilling, I would buy easy meats to cook such as entrecote and sausages, plus a bunch of red & green peppers, eggplants, and zucchini.

I love grilling veggies, once ready you add a bit of salt and olive oil. They pair perfectly well with the meats.

Also, I would buy french baguette and olives, cheese, cured cuts and chips for the aperitif.

For drinks, that’s my favourite part. For aperitif few bottles of Aperol, Cava and Soda to prepare Aperol Spritz. Its the perfect cocktail for a barbeque, and is made of three equal parts of each drink. BBQ Party at Home Ideas Expert Tips

As well, beer and wine, the key protagonists for the foods. I like to chill them in a bucket of ice. For non-alcohol drinkers, I prepare a hibiscus lemonade and soda it works pretty well.

And last but not least, the decoration is an important part of a barbeque party, it creates a charming environment. BBQ Party at Home Ideas Expert Tips

Usually, I go to a local shop to get some fun stuff. I love using a colorful tablecloth, stock a side table with fruit plates, sauces and drinks, buy funky paper glasses for soft drinks. BBQ Party at Home Ideas Expert Tips

At home, I have a wheelbarrow which I fill with ice to chill the drinks, it impresses guests. Also, I prepare bottles of water with fruits or herbs, they look nice and the water tastes awesome.

When planning the menu for a BBQ party, we always include meat. Yet, a lot of people nowadays don’t tend to consume it. Therefore, you should think about the delicious vegetarian meals that they would enjoy eating.

Vegetarian kabobs are really easy to make and are full of so much flavor. Choose seasonal products such as tomatoes, mushrooms, onion, zucchini, and peppers. Cut the onion and the peppers in the same size. The zucchini doesn’t need to be cut too thin.

Remember that all the veggies will have to cook evenly. In fact, veggie kabobs are great for everyone and all of your guests will love them, so make sure to prepare more of these. BBQ Party at Home Ideas Expert Tips

Burgers are everyone’s favorite not only for parties but on a daily basis, too. If you want, you can go for a classic recipe or use the occasion to experiment with new flavors. You can even make two types of burgers – a meat one and a vegetarian version, which your guests would love. Don’t forget to add the buns to the grill for a couple of minutes, too. This will make them crunchy and your burgers will taste delicious.

BBQ Party at Home Ideas Expert Tips

Make your own homemade BBQ sauce. You can use it to marinate whatever type of meat you’ve planned to cook on the grill. As a result, the meals will taste really good.

Remember the salad! A combination of fresh produce and herbs will definitely make a difference on your BBQ table. Chop some cucumbers, tomatoes, onion and parsley to make the easiest summer salad.

In terms of drinks, you can’t go wrong with them. Feel free to offer several refreshing options to your guests. Make some fresh orange juice and strawberry and mint infused water for any little guests. Adults will definitely enjoy these, too, but you can whip up a cocktail or two for them as well.

To decorate your party is an absolute must! Here’s my dash of tips and advice:

Use fresh produce and herbs from your vegetable garden or the store to decorate your delicious drinks. The taste of homemade food and beverages is second-to-none and will definitely impress everybody.

Get creative and make infused water, fresh juice and easy cocktails for your friends and family to enjoy. Scatters leaves through the table or mix it with your drinks, hang it around the area, or use it to decorate your dish. BBQ Party at Home Ideas Expert Tips

What is a BBQ party without some flowers to make your food table more special and appealing? You don’t even have to spend a lot on table centerpieces. In fact, you can just DIY it using beautiful flowers from your garden that you can arrange in various ways.

You can also keep mosquitoes at bay by using herbs! There are several herbs that can help you repel those insects while entertaining outside, such as sage, lavender, lemon balm, etc. All you have to do is add them to the grill as soon as you are done cooking so that mosquitoes don’t disturb you and your guests. BBQ Party at Home Ideas Expert Tips

Clean your BBQ so that it’s ready for the upcoming parties all season long. The BBQ should be well-maintained and cleaned properly before or after each season to make sure you prepare healthy and delicious food every time. It can be a tedious job, so if you are not willing to tackle this task, better leave it to a professional. It’s a fact that food done on a well-cleaned BBQ tastes better. BBQ Party at Home Ideas Expert Tips

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