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BBQ Party at home
BBQ Party at home

BBQ Party at home – Are you planning on hosting a large party? Maybe you’re planning a Wedding, Birthday, Engagement party or maybe even a party for work?

Well, working out how to feed everyone might be a little daunting if you decide to do it yourself.

It may seem straightforward on the face of it but when it comes down to working out the particulars, you may start to wonder whether it would have been easier to hire a catering company.

We believe that food has always been the heart and soul of any special occasion or event, that is why we believe in leaving it to the professionals!. BBQ Party at home

At Window One catering company or chef will ensure that the food provided is to the highest quality using only the freshest of ingredients to ensure ultimate guest satisfaction.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that because they have the skills in the kitchen, they will be able to cook themselves, without weighing up the obstacles that arise when catering for a large number of people.

Cooking for a large number of people is much different to cooking at home.

Window One Events have the experience to cook for large groups of people, ensuring everyone is fed at the preferred time.

Catering company like ours also offer the additional service of serving the food if required. This means that from the start of your event, to the end, all you have to worry about as the host is enjoying the food served!

Depending on the company and what they provide will determine what they offer. Most caterers will be prepared for any type of service from fully staffed table service to delivering a help yourself buffet.

The stress involved in making sure all of your guests are fed and watered at your event is sometimes overlooked.

A catering company can take care of this for you which gives you more time to enjoy your event or party.

Most people would think you could save money if you were to buy the food yourself. This isn’t always the case when you factor in things you would need in order to successfully feed everyone at your party or event.

If you are planning on serving a buffet for a large number of people, you will need some sort of hot plate or chafing dish for each of your dishes which in itself can be quite costly for a one-off event.

Professional catering companies will have all the equipment to hand in order to make sure that all of your guests are satisfied. They will also have a better source to buy food in bulk as they are doing this day in, day out.

It would be best to get a price per head from your local catering company before deciding whether to cater for your own party or event.

Hygiene is something that is often overlooked, especially if you were to try to cater yourself, it would probably be the last thing on your mind. BBQ Party at home

It is always nice to see a professional catering company like ours taking the care to ensure the food is prepared, transported, cooked to a high level of food safety and hygiene. Professional caterers will stand out by:

  • Wearing appropriate clothing whilst cooking and preparing
  • Wearing gloves
  • Having running water
  • Using fresh ingredients
  • Using cleaned fruit and vegetables
  • Using clean utensils
  • Use of a hot plate or chafing dish whilst serving bbq or buffets.

All these little things add up reassuring your guest that the food has been prepared and cooked safely.

You do not want to compromise on safety when providing food for a party or event.

Window One Events will be able to provide a range of dishes for your event. This is something they are doing all the time and will have to rotate their menus all the time to suit customers preferences and dietary requirements.

Catering for a large group of people is something you may find too time consuming to do yourself, even more so if you aren’t a vegetarian or vegan!. BBQ Party at home

Caters will be able to work with you and decide the best dishes to be served at your party or event.

For example, if you were to use caterers for an event you were holding, you would need to work with the caterers to choose a menu of what cuisines will be served. Nowadays, you will need to provide vegetable and vegan options with the increase in people adopting a non meat diet.

Once Your Bookings verified

Rest assured, you will be able to impress your guests at your party, wedding or event using professional caterers.

Hiring a catering company

Hiring a catering company to take care of feeding your guests will greatly improve the amount of time you have to catch up with loved ones or maybe network at an event you’re hosting.

You will be able to enjoy the food with your guests and the cherry on top is not having to clean up!

BBQs and Buffets offer a wide variety of catering services as well as bespoke catering to suit all.

We are a family run catering company delivering simply the best in fresh, home cooked buffets, hot buffets, and barbecues. BBQ Party at home

We have a wide selection of menus carefully created by our expert chefs. This allows us to cater for all tastes and budgets without compromising on quality. A Barkyard BBQ Party at home is one of the best parties you can have for your friends and family in summer.

BBq Party At Home

What do you serve at a BBQ party?

If you have any questions about the catering services we provide, please do not hesitate to get in touch or call us on 07932 686498 –

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